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* Barack Obama on issues critical to Israel

Posted by Lew Weinstein on September 24, 2008

Rabbi Kurt Stone of Boca Raton wrote in May, after a visit by Barack Obama …

(thanks JILL for sending me this wonderful letter)

  •  Senator Barack Obama came to Temple B’nai Torah this afternoon.
  • Senator Obama made it abundantly clear that he was, is, and always shall be, a staunch defender of the Jewish State.  One should know a fact: after going over the voting records vis-a-vis issues pertaining to Israel, AIPAC — the main Israel support lobby in the U.S. gave Obama a 100% rating
  • When asked about his relationship with a Palestinian professor from the University of Chicago, the Senator said:
    • “Yes, I have met the man, but why do people automatically conclude that therefore I must be in agreement with what he espouses?  
    • “How can one ever make any progress if the only folks they talk to are those with whom they are in agreement?”
  • One person in the crowd asked why, in saying he would convene a summit meeting of all Arab countries, he excluded Israel, Obama smiled and answered:
    • “Well first, Israel isn’t an Arab country; it’s a Jewish State. 
    • Secondly, they are our strongest ally . . . our best friend in the region.  
    • The countries we would be talking to are the ones we want to convince that someday, somehow, they’re going to have to learn how to live in peace with Israel. 
    • “If you only talk to your friends, there is absolutely no chance that you’re ever going to be able to change your enemies.”



On issues relating to Israel, and other issues as well, Barack Obama displays the kind of reasoned judgment that is critical to restoring America’s credibility at home and abroad.

Obama’s intelligence and calm demeanor stand in stark contrast to the ignorant, shoot-from-the-hip belligerency of George W. Bush and John McCain.

Even when we do not agree with Obama’s position on an issue, and who agrees with anybody all the time, we can respect the thought and care that went into the decision.

It’s that thought and care which will lift America back to economic prosperity and its proper place in the world.


Read the Rabbi’s entire letter at … http://kurtfstone.typepad.com/kurt_f_stone_speaks_/2008/05/mr-obama-goes-to-shul.html


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