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* McCain-Palin campaign decisions make “trooper-gate” even worse

Posted by Lew Weinstein on September 20, 2008

AP reports today about “trooper-gate” …

  • ex-Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan is the central figure in the investigation into whether Palin abused her power when she fired him. Monegan alleges he was fired because he refused to terminate a state trooper who was involved in a bitter divorce with the governor’s sister.
  • Palin fired Monegan in July. It later emerged that Palin, her husband and several high-level staffers had contacted Monegan about state trooper Mike Wooten. Palin maintains she fired Monegan over budget disagreements.
  • A legislative committee voted July 24 to investigate the dispute, and Palin initially welcomed it.
  • But after she was picked as Sen. John McCain’s running mate on the GOP presidential ticket, she reversed herself. The campaign sent a team of operatives to Alaska to carefully coordinate any information that’s released.
  • HOWEVER … the investigation will be finished before the election, despite refusals by key witnesses to testify, including the governor’s husband, according to Alaska state Sen. Hollis French, the legislator heading the probe.



The McCain-Palin campaign (or is it Palin-McCain?) has stepped in to try to block the “trooper-gate” investigation by convincing Palin, her husband and other witnesses to defy subpoenas and refuse to testify.

They should be arrested but probably won’t be.

But it is clear that there is something really bad that Palin needs to keep hidden.

No doubt when the legislative committee issues its reprt, Palin will then speak out and argue her case, in the campaign and not under oath.

But we’re smarter than that. Even Republicans are coming to know that this totally unvetted woman is not what she was first presented to be, and surely not qualified to be President.


For the entire article, click … http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080920/ap_on_el_pr/palin_troopergate_55




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