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* Barack Obama, do not allow the triumph of ignorance

Posted by Lew Weinstein on September 14, 2008


I started this Sunday in a reflective mood, but as the day has passed, I have gotten more and more angry.

What Maureen Dowd has written, and Tom Friedman, Jonathan Alter, Bob Herbert, Frank Rich, Paul Krugman, and many others, seems so obvious that it boggles the mind that anyone who is not a long term fully committed Republican could even think of voting for the McCain-Palin ticket.

Even among Republicans, how can any thinking woman or caring man vote for candidates who oppose almost everything important for women?

Yet there is in our country a substantial portion of the voting population which doesn’t believe knowing things is important

… say about complicated topics like Russia (I can see it from my house), Iran, healthcare, the economy (I don’t know much about the economy), global warming, what America needs to do to compete successfully in the global economy.

… stuff like that.

Careful study and reasoned analysis is for those “elite” types, they think, not for us … and not for the kind of political leaders we want to guide our country in troubled times. 

Actual knowledge, they think, is not needed to make momentous decisions.

Just go by your instincts, they say.

And never blink.

These are the unthinking people who put George W. Bush back in office after his utterly incompetent leadership was so utterly apparent for anyone with eyes to see.

After he had so clearly lied to take us into a devastating war of his own political choosing, for reasons we may never know.

His instincts told him he was right!

Why should he pay attention to facts?

And he still hasn’t blinked.

John McCain, in his impetuous choice of the grotesquely unprepared Sarah Palin to sit a heartbeat from the Presidency

… and Sarah Palin, with her ignorant unblinking self-confidence,

… are cut from the same mold as W. before them.

It is beyond horrible to imagine what McCain-Palin will do to our country, and to the world, if they actually achieve the offices they seek.

And who will be their Dick Cheney or Karl Rove pulling the strings?

We must not allow it to happen … again.

Barack Obama, we are pleading with you to get much more aggressive, to take back control of this election campaign, to provide the passionate leadership we need.

We are ready to help.

But you are the one who must lead.

Time is running short.



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