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* Count on Republicans to use every dirty trick they can think of; our job is to win anyway.

Posted by Lew Weinstein on September 14, 2008

An article in the Christian Science Monitor says …

  • In the pre-Palin days of this election campaign, divisive social issues such as abortion were taking a back seat. Barack Obama and John McCain were driving other issues, and so were most voters. That dynamic could now change.
  • Will the personal views of John McCain’s running mate – on abortion, same-sex marriage, and creationism – revive America’s culture clash?
  • hot-button ballot questions, particularly in two swing states, could significantly influence the electoral calculus in a surprisingly tight presidential race.
    • Coloradans will decide whether a fertilized human egg is a “person,” effectively banning abortion;
    • Florida will choose whether to amend its constitution to recognize only marriage between a man and a woman as a legal union.



These ballot questions in Colorado and Florida, and probably other states, are the same kind of despicable politics used in 2004, so effectively in Ohio and elsewhere, to swing close states to George W. Bush.

They will probably be effective again, bringing Christian right voters to the polls to vote on issues which most of us don’t think are any of government’s business.

This means our efforts in those states need to be even more aggressive to make sure every Obama-Biden supporter actually votes.

Politics is a rough business; count on Republicans to use every dirty trick they can think of. Our job is to win anyway.


Read the entire article at … http://www.csmonitor.com/2008/0912/p08s01-comv.html


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