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* Sarah Palin is out of step with Jewish voters

Posted by Lew Weinstein on September 13, 2008

from an article in the Jerusalem Post (sent to me by Ilene) …

  • “There has been a tremendous turnaround since the Democratic convention,” said Florida State Senator Steve Geller, who at the convention in Denver three weeks ago had described outright hostility among many Jewish Democratic seniors in his district at the thought of an Obama presidency.
  • “After the convention, people are willing to listen. Before the convention, they weren’t willing to listen.”
  • He attributed that partly to recent visits to the Sunshine State by high-profile Democrats such as vice presidential nominee Joe Biden as well as the strong endorsement of Hillary Clinton from the convention floor. 
  • But mainly Geller chalked up the difference to Palin.
  • Her views on social issues – pro-life, anti-gun control and the like – definitely helped discourage Seymour Ross of Delray Beach from voting for the Republican ticket.
  • “Palin is totally out of step with public opinion in the Jewish community” on domestic issues and has “zero foreign policy experience,” the National Jewish Democratic Council wrote in a fund-raising letter sent out last week.

read the entire article at …



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