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* McCain – sex – oil – lobbyists

Posted by Lew Weinstein on September 13, 2008

John McCain’s national finance co-chair, Wayne Berman, is a paid lobbyist, and has been one for years, for two of the oil companies that are at the center of the sex, drugs and oil scandal enveloping the Interior Department.

One of McCain’s high-ranking campaign officials also lobbied for the companies for years — during time periods when the scandal has unfolded — up until he joined the McCain campaign in the spring.

The lobbyists themselves aren’t tied to the scandal in any way, and their activity on the companies’ behalf doesn’t implicate McCain, either.

But it’s legit to ask why it is that a campaign that proclaims that it’s about reform is taking advice and/or money from lobbyists who were getting paid by companies involved in the scandal, one of whom is still collecting money from them.

Berman, who’s McCain’s national finance co-chair and one of the Arizona Senator’s leading bundlers, is a lobbyist with Ogilvy Government Relations, which has been paid millions of dollars for lobbying by the Chevron and Hess corporations, according to disclosure forms. The second official, John Green, who is McCain’s chief liaison to Congress, also was with Ogilvy and worked on those same contracts until joining the campaign.

Chevron and Hess are involved in what is arguably the most sordid scandal in Washington right now.


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