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* Sarah Palin’s dangerous religious views do matter

Posted by Lew Weinstein on September 12, 2008

There’s a flood of materials on the web about Sarah Palin’s churches and her own religious beliefs. Whatever Sarah Palin believes about God and her relation to that God is her business, not a legitimate part of a political campaign … so long as she has no intention of imposing those views on others.

However, if she believes that God created the world 4000 years ago, then that to me is an indication of a person whose ability to think clearly based on evidence rather than faith is suspect.

That is not a mind that belongs in high political office.

We should demand that Sarah Palin clarify her beliefs about creationism, and challenge her to explain what she has said recently on this topic. When you speak to her supporters, it is valid to ask what they think of such views, and if they want such a mind with her finger anywhere near the nuclear button.

Likewise, Palin’s remarks about the holy mission of U.S. troops in Iraq, among other comments, raises questions as to her understanding of this country’s devotion to the separation of church and state. Material emerging from her churches seems to suggest a view that God must take over the government and drive evil away.

There is a long history in the world, a history of which Palin may well be ignorant, that demonstrates repeatedly the horrible consequences of allowing religious groups of any denomination to gain the power of government. It doesn’t usually take long before they are murdering those who don’t believe as they do.

That is not the way we do things in the United States, and political leaders who espouse such views are dangerous to our liberties. Palin’s supporters should be challenged on this point as well.

It is legitimate to demand that Sarah Palin make her views clear on issues of separation of church and state, and also explain her prior comments if they differ from whatever views she may currently communicate.

As a private person, Sarah Palin can have whatever religious beliefs she wants. It’s not my business. As a VP candidate, who might someday be President of the U.S., her religious views as they may impact her  governmental decision-making is very much our business.

My own view is that Sarah Palin is a dangerous woman who should never have been selected by John McCain and who should not be elected VP.



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