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* Lew’s take (#1) on Palin’s interview with Charlie Gibson – a combination of ignorance and lies

Posted by Lew Weinstein on September 12, 2008

The Republican campaign will surely force-feed Palin with sound bites, and she comes across as amazingly confident given her startling ignorance.

However, any voter who is capable of reasoned thought will understand how little she knows and how totally unprepared she would be if anything happened to her 72 year old cancer-survivor running mate.

Should we forgive this woman because she doesn’t know what she’s talking about?

Hell, no. She’s running for Vice President. Her lack of knowledge is a disgrace that should be pointed out at every opportunity, especially to those who have become so enamored with this woman that they no longer seem to care how this country is led.

Her interview with Charlie Gibson, who did a pretty good job of forcing her to answer when she obviously didn’t want to, or couldn’t, was a combination of displayed ignorance and at least one outright lie.

Ignorance first.

  • Heads of State. Palin admitted she had never met a foreign Head of State, but added that she was sure this was also true of previous Vice Presidential candidates. SHOOTING FROM THE HIP. NOT TRUE. Dick Cheney, Al Gore, Joe Lieberman, George Bush (Sr.), Walter Mondale, even Dan Quail, had all met foreign Heads of State.
  • Bush Doctrine. Gibson: Do you agree with the Bush Doctrine? Palin: in what sense? She didn’t have a clue what Gibson was talking about. Maybe you don’t know either, but you’re not running for VP. The Bush doctrine, as Gibson later explained, was announced by the President in 2002 before the invasion of Iraq. It states that the U.S. has the right to make pre-emptive strikes against enemies who might be a threat. Pretty important stuff? I would think so. But not yet a part of Ms. Lipstick’s programmed talking points.
  • World View. Apparently, Palin’s world view is limited to her ability to see a Russian island off the coast of Alaska. McCain pointed this out (and nothing else) when asked about Palin’s foreign policy experience. Duh! Does Palin actually know anything about the world? Well, she received her first passport two years ago. Gibson asked : what countries have you seen? Palin: Canada, Mexico, and once to visit (Alaska’s) troops in Kuwait.

Just one outright lie has so far been documented.

  • Global warming. Gibson: You’re changing your view if you now say global warming is man-made. You’ve said in the past it’s not. Palin:  No, I’ve never said that. LIE. NOT TRUE. Less than a year ago, Palin said this: “I’m not an Al Gore gloom-and-doom environmentalist blaming the changes in our climate on human activity.”



2 Responses to “* Lew’s take (#1) on Palin’s interview with Charlie Gibson – a combination of ignorance and lies”

  1. Kevin said

    There were 58 million people who voted for Bush, a 2nd time! George Carlin stated years ago this country is run big business and religion, and they are now in bed together. Very scary.
    Here’s a tid-bit/joke for you…
    What’s the difference between Dan Quayle and Sarah Palin?

  2. Kerry said

    Don’t assume that there are a fair share of voters out there that are capable of reasoned thought. The fact that they elected Bush to a second term is proof there are not many.

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