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* Dionne: Obama has a winning message, if he gets it out

Posted by Lew Weinstein on September 12, 2008

Real Clear Politics has an article by E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post. Here are some excerpts …

  • John McCain … is running a disgraceful, dishonorable campaign of distraction and diversion.
  • But Obama bears responsibility, too: His task is to remind Americans that the stakes in this election are far higher than the matter of who said what and when about Palin. He isn’t doing it.
  • Here’s the problem:
    • Few voters know that Obama would cut the taxes of the vast majority of Americans by far more than McCain would.
    • Few know Obama would guarantee everyone access to health care or that McCain’s health plan might endanger coverage many already have.
    • Few know that Obama has a coherent program to create new jobs through public investment in roads, bridges, transit, and green technologies.
  • McCain has shown he wants the presidency so badly that he’s willing to say anything, true or false, to win power.
  • Obama can win by fighting for what he believes.


I agree with Mr. Dionne. Obama needs to regain the initiative. I think he will, and in the end, he will pull away to a substantial victory.

But we can and must help. Talk to your undecided friends. Talk to people who have become ‘temporarily’ enamored over a disgracefully unprepared VP selection. Ask them to think about what they really want for America, and what America needs.

Perhaps even ask them to read this blog and post their own comments.


To read the entire article, click … http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2008/09/obama_must_stand_up_for_himsel.html


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