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* Wall Street Journal article says “Obama has edge on economy”

Posted by Lew Weinstein on September 10, 2008

Gerald Seib writes in the WALL STREET JOURNAL that “Obama Has Edge on Economy”

  • Sen. McCain said this: “My tax cuts will create jobs.”
  • (LMW NOTE: McCain’s proposal is to make all the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy permanent; these tax cuts are a major part of our out-of-control federal deficit under the Republicans, which McCain would continue.)
  • Among other things, that sounds like more of the same policies that voters have gotten in two Bush terms, not necessarily a good thing 
  • By contrast, Sen. Obama said in his speech: “I will cut taxes — cut taxes — for 95% of all working families.”


Read the entire article at … http://online.wsj.com/article/SB122089986785911131.html?mod=special_page_campaign2008_topbox


2 Responses to “* Wall Street Journal article says “Obama has edge on economy””

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