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* Maureen Dowd: questions for Charlie Gibson

Posted by Lew Weinstein on September 10, 2008

Maureen Dowd writes in today’s New York Times …

  • For the first time in American history, we have a “My Fair Lady” moment, as teams of experts bustle around the most famous woman in politics, intensely coaching her for her big moment at the ball — her first unscripted interview here this week with ABC News’s Charlie Gibson.
  • if you’re reading this, Charlie, we want to know everything, including:
    • What kind of budget-cutter makes a show of getting rid of the state plane, then turns around and bills taxpayers for the travel of her husband and kids between Juneau and Wasilla and sticks the state with a per-diem tab to stay in her own home?
    • Why was Sarah for the Bridge to Nowhere before she was against the Bridge to Nowhere, and why was she for earmarks before she was against them?
    • What kind of fiscal conservative raises taxes and increases budgets in both her jobs — as mayor and as governor?
    • Does she really think Adam, Eve, Satan and the dinosaurs mingled on the earth 5,000 years ago?
    • Why put out a press release about her teenage daughter’s pregnancy and then spend the next few days attacking the press for covering that press release?
    • As Troopergate unfolds here — an inquiry into whether Palin inappropriately fired the commissioner of public safety for refusing to fire her ex-brother-in-law — it raises this question: Who else is on her enemies list and what might she do with the F.B.I.?


Read the entire column at … http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/10/opinion/10dowd.html?ref=opinion


4 Responses to “* Maureen Dowd: questions for Charlie Gibson”

  1. Kevin said

    The questions are good, however a good interviewer will ask follow-up questions. She has been kept away from the public for a reason, she needs to be programed with the right respones. That is how Bush did it. He gave the same stump speech everywhere. the press hated it because there was nothing to report. I don’t get the sense Gibson will ask tough follow-up questions. I believe the tradegy is, if she can just get through the interview without making a major mistake, then they will condiser it a success and she will be out on the campaign trail talking about how she answered the liberal media’s questions. I think McCain is afraid to appear without her now, because she is drawing a bigger crowd for him and it will not look good when she draws a bigger crowd than him. That will be very interesting. I also think it will show the shallowness of their party, all flash and no substance.

  2. M Smith said

    I live in a largely Republican Catholic Area. I have found the best way to get a positive response about Obama is to
    1 stay away from the Religious aspect of abortion
    2 Don’t attack her,because some people “just love her”, and they rebut with negitive statments about Obama
    3 Simp;y ask the question “Is she quilified to run the contry”? Most people will admit that she is not quilified.
    I think we have to hammer away “She is not quilified.I WISH i COULD FIND BUTTONS THAT JUST SAY “SHE IS NOT QUILIFIED TO RUN THIS cOUNTRY”

  3. maureen hanahan said

    Don’t be by fooled Gov. Palin…just a fresh face to stir up
    culture and Gender wars…Does she oppose abortion…even in
    cases of rape and incest? Did she urge Alaskan librarian to
    ban books? Does she believe CREATIONISM should be taught in
    public schools? Does she believe the $30 billions doallar
    natural gas pipeline in her state is God’s Will…PALIN”S
    COMMENTS are my fearful questions…In choosing her, Senator
    McCain caved in to the rigid Christianists who now form the
    core of the GOP…..Cynthia Tuckers editorial…Maureen Hanahan
    Stuart, Fla.

  4. Mo MoDo said

    These are all pretty good questions. I doubt Gibson can ask them with the panache that Dowd does.

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