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* 3 things you can do to win this election for Obama-Biden

Posted by Lew Weinstein on September 10, 2008

Ilene sent me a link to this terrific article by Robert Creamer … 

There are three steps that every one of us can take that will actually impact directly the ultimate outcome of this race.

1. talk to your friends and neighbors 

If you want to help win this election, it means you have to break the “taboo’s” about not talking about politics with your neighbor or your co-worker. It means you have to bring up the campaign over the lunch table or the backyard fence.

2. Don’t unwittingly contribute to the McCain-Palin narrative. 

When Progressives make “elitist” attacks on Palin, they just reinforce the right wing narrative that the “Elitist Eastern Establishment” is the problem. Don’t patronize the very people we are trying to convince.

The argument that is convincing to normal people is that neither McCain nor Palin are what they claim to be – reformers or agents of change.

Their campaign is being run by lobbyists for the biggest corporate interests in America–the same people who ran the Bush campaign. And they are committed to the economic policies that make average people’s incomes drop and reward the very rich. 

 3. take personal responsibility

More than any election in modern political history, this election will be decided by the work of millions of people who talk to their neighbors, make small donations on the internet and – most importantly – demand that every voter go out to vote. (LMW NOTE: only if they are likely to vote for Obama) To win, we need to change the electorate. In this election, friends don’t let friends not vote. 

The Obama campaign has the best field operation in the history of presidential politics. Join it. Take an assignment. Make contributions on the Internet. Hold a fundraiser. Write a letter to the editor. Most important: don’t sit on the sidelines.


To read the entire article, click … http://www.huffingtonpost.com/robert-creamer/frightened-by-mccains-pos_b_125111.html


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