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* McCain’s choice won’t fool women

Posted by Lew Weinstein on September 7, 2008

Jessica Reaves writes in today’s (9-7-08) Chicago Tribune …

  • Here’s something McCain might have considered during the 45 minutes his aides apparently spent vetting Palin, whose slowly expanding biography keeps yielding unpleasant surprises: Women aren’t interested in voting for just any woman. They want to vote for an experienced, competent woman whose accomplishments can stand up to any man’s, not someone they have to make excuses for.

see the full article at …



One Response to “* McCain’s choice won’t fool women”

  1. Barbara Brown said

    After viewing CNNs programs last night on the two candidates, I came away with a fearful premonition of McCain’s impulsive decision making process. Surely, his choice of Palin and the limited vetting of her was a gut decision. Being a maverick when holding the unlimited power that the President has insofar as the military… provokes clear recent memories of our current shoot from the hip President. SCARY!!!!

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