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* McCain’s VP choice calls the U.S. mission in Iraq a task from God.

Posted by Lew Weinstein on September 6, 2008

The NY Post reported (9-3-08) … Sarah Palin told worshippers at a conservative Pentecostal church earlier this year that US soldiers battling terrorists in Iraq are part of “a task . . . from God,”. The Alaska governor addressed parishioners at Wasilla’s Assembly of God Church in June and likened the war to a messianic mission. “Pray for our military men and women,” she urged. “Also, for this country, that our leaders – our national leaders – are sending [US soldiers] out on a task that is from God.

Does this woman have any sense that we are all children of God? Christians, Muslims, Jews … all of us are children of God. Americans, Iraqis, Iranians … all of us are children of God.

Does Gov. Palin have any sense of history, and the horrible consequences throughout history of the views she is espousing?

Gov. Palin sounds frighteningly like the intolerant Muslim fanatics who are willing to murder Americans in the name of Allah. People like Palin are one of the greatest dangers our country and the world the world face. They just ‘know’ they are so right that God must be on their side, and against anyone who disagrees.

We have much to fear from this type of politician.

Before he selected her, did McCain know her views or not? Which is worse, that he knew and selected her anyway, or that he didn’t think it important enough to know what his VP selection thinks?

In my view, the selection of someone with Gov. Palin’s views is sufficient condemnation of John McCain’s judgment to disqualify him from holding the office of President.


Read the full NY Post story at http://www.nypost.com/seven/09032008/news/nationalnews/church_prayer_for_iraq_war_127206.htm


3 Responses to “* McCain’s VP choice calls the U.S. mission in Iraq a task from God.”

  1. Kevin "The other son of liberal" said

    This plays right into the republican base, right-wing christian/evangelicals. What happened to the seperation of church and state? If these are your beliefs that is fine, though the constitution dictates that the United States govenment should not be dictating what religion we should have as a nation. How come the VP’s family gets to make the decision (decision=choice) in what to do in their family, though other American families do not?

  2. You’re missing the point, which is not against religion or God, but is opposed to the exclusive appropriation of God for your causes. There is nothing wrong with praying to God for the strength to lead. There is everything wrong with assuming that God supports your cause and not others. That’s arrogant, whether it comes from Christians, Muslims or Jews.

    On your second point, the founders of our country were very clear that religious beliefs were to have no part in our government. The consequences of allowing religious beliefs to intrude on government actions are horrendously clear to anyone who knows history.

    The fact that Palin spouts religious bigotry (God is for me but not for you) and that McCain supports Palin means that neither of them understand the consequences of those positions in a pluralistic world. With ignorance like that, they’re not fit to govern.

  3. Chris "son of a liberal" said

    Well Lewis once again your views never stop amazing me. “Conservative Pentecostal church” Seems like this is the crowd when speaking with it’s ok to mention a belief in a god. I know some find that intolerable. The thing that binds all religions and faiths together is a belief in a power greater than oneself. What is possible wrong with praying to your god for the strength to lead, for the well being of our forces? Separation from church and state does not mean our leaders don’t have a religion it means there is no state sponsored religion. Where is the outrage in the Muslim community about the extremists that are hijacking their religion? I am tired of hearing people complain about God in our country our courts and on our money. There is wonderful heritage in this country being destroyed by people so afraid they might offend someone. God was all around the building of this country which was done prior to my arrival and even yours so I don’t think in needs changing. If you don’t like feel free to stay where you are.

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